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Staff Directory

Malcolm Elementary Staff Email List 2022-2023 

Name Grade Level or Specialty Email Address
Mr. Alvarez Pupil Personal Worker
Mrs. Armstead Kindergarten/SOAR Instructional Assistant
Ms. Bacon Occupational Therapist
Mr. Banks Library Media
Mrs. Berfield Music
Mrs. Bieber Kindergarten
Ms. Brisbane Cafeteria Support
Mrs. Briscoe Principal's Secretary
Mrs. Brown Pre-K Instructional Assistant
Ms. Brucculeiri Grade 2
Ms. Bryant Kindergarten
Mr. Bunch  Part Time Building Services  
Ms. Chase Temp Instructional Assistant
Ms. Cherest P.E. Teacher
Mrs. Chinault Art
Ms. Coates K Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Coles Grade 5
Ms. Crumb Instructional Assistant (Class Size)
Ms. Davis Pre-K Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Dean Grade 2
Mr.  Derr Band
Ms. Durst Grade 3
Ms. Edwards Grade 4
Mrs. Elkins SOAR Instructional Assistant
Ms. Favors Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. Goralczyk SOAR
Ms. Gould K Instructional Assistant
Ms. Gouldbourne Grade 4
Ms. Gross K Instructional Assistant
Mr. Gross Building Service Night Manager
Ms. Gwynn ESOL
Mr.  Hangey Principal
Mrs. Hoover Computer Lab Facilitator
Mrs. Kavaky Special Ed Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Lucier-Hall Reading Interventionist
Mrs. Lyon Science
Ms. Mazur Special Education
Mrs. Mongell Reading Recovery
Mrs. Myers Assistant Principal
Mrs. Neese School Counselor
Mrs. Palmer Grade 3
Mrs. Peoples Registrar
Ms. Peter I.E.P. Facilitator
Mrs. Phillips Learning Resource Teacher/Gifted and Talented
Ms. Polis Grade 4
Mrs. Proctor Building Supervisor
Mr. Rodgers Building Service Worker
Mrs. Savoy SOAR Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Schenemann Pre-K
Mrs. Seifert Math Resource Teacher
Ms. Shorter Grade 1
Ms. Sidney Kindergarten
Ms. Siewertsen School Nurse
Mr. Snyder Computer Analyst
Mrs. Stafford Reading Resource Teacher
Mrs. Stone Cafeteria Manager
Ms. Sweatt Administrative Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Trueblood Grade 2
Ms. Valdez Grade 5
Ms. Walden Grade 3
Ms. Walker Pre-K
Ms. Walters Cafeteria Support
Ms. Washington Temp Instructional Assistant
Ms. Weaver School Psychologist
Mrs. Wedderburn Grade 1
Mrs. Wells Special Educator
Ms. White Grade 1
Ms. Whittington Tri-County  
Ms. Wilson Grade 5