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Malcolm Elementary Building

Malcolm Elementary School, located in Waldorf, Maryland approximately 18 miles south of Washington, D.C. serves 600 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Built in 1955, and renovated in 1984, Malcolm is situated in a suburban setting. All of the students ride the bus. Our students come from a myriad of backgrounds. Our facility embodies several programs that integrate curriculum and challenge all students to achieve. Most enrichment activities are either school wide or grade level in nature, and are designed to include all students. This enables our entire student population to appreciate human diversity while developing a common educational experience. We work hard to create a climate where disparate populations experience academic rigor within a cohesive and healthy social environment.


Malcolm Elementary School was named after the Malcolm community. The original Malcolm School, constructed in 1902, served as a public school for black students from the Waldorf, Bryantown, Hughesville, Benedict and Malcolm communities.
The present school, located about a mile from the original school's location, opened in 1955, but was not integrated until 1967 during which time it served as a middle school. In 1972, the student body was transferred to the newly constructed John Hanson Middle School and Malcolm became an elementary school.

Source: Educational specifications for Malcolm Elementary School.


Every student will achieve to their highest potential within a nurturing learning environment that emphasizes high expectations, academic rigor and student achievement. Such an environment provides the student with the necessary skills that enable him or her to become a supportive member of a global society.


The mission of Malcolm Elementary School, in cooperation with family and community, is to prepare students to reach their full potential by providing quality education designed to meet individual needs within a safe, inviting, school environment.

School Pledge
I can be anything, I can learn anything, If I believe in myself and work hard.

School Motto

Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Property

School Mascot